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Notable Web Awards for recognition of effort

In recent years, the web industry has created various schemes for awarding top popular websites. Following the trend of film, theatre and television awards like Tony, Bafta, Oscar, Emmy, Cannes film festival etc. the web industry has also established some noticeable awards for the websites. This helps in giving recognition to all those who have worked behind the scenes in creating and designing the websites. Moreover, these types of awards not only reward the winners but motivate others to work harder so as to win more awards. Website awards are also valuable publicity tools to attract new users and subscribers.

General awards for website

  • The Web Awards: Web Marketing Association in Simsbury came up with the scheme of Web Awards in 1997 and since then it gives awards to the websites under 96 industrial categories that includes Automobile, Banking, Advertising, Media, Real Estate and many more. The award criteria include design, content, innovation, ease of use, copywriting.
  • The Webby Awards: These awards were started in 1996 by a New York based academy. The awards are given for the websites which exhibit best structure and navigation. Other considerations include interactivity, design and functionality. Other categories of awards are fashion, commerce, news, politics and sports. The main awards are chosen and finalized by the panel of judges and people’s choice awards are selected by the online vote.
  • Favorite Website Awards: The scheme has been operated in 2000 by Cambridge based FWA. It is claimed to be one of the most visited website awards. More than 4 million people visit this award site per month. The awards which are given under FWA are: Site of the Day, Site of the month and Site of the Year. The selection is based on the considerations as follows: Design 40 %, Graphics 15%, Content 15%, Navigation 25% and Personality 5%.
  • CSSDA: CSS Design awards have been hosted since 2010, based in Australia and USA. This award is granted on a daily basis to the websites that show professionally coded CSS, W3C compliance and flawless functioning. This is viewed by a global audience and is the fastest rising website awards platform.
  • Interactive Media Awards: Operated in 2005 by the Interactive Media Council Inc, based in USA. Judged on following basis: Browser compatibility, usability, content and functionality feature. These awards are given in around 100 categories and judging rounds occur each quarter annually. The categories are politics, real estate, school, spirituality, sports and many more
  • Horizon Interactive Awards: Based near Indianapolis, the horizon Interactive awards have been in operation since 2002. It gives recognition based on the following: website design, online advertising, videos, print media, graphic design and mobile applications. The panel of professionals sits every year to determine the best among all.
  • Awwwards: These are the awards that promote the effort and talent of the best designers, developers and web agencies. The jury along with the viewers score the site on its creativity, content, design and usability from 1 to 10.

Other than these there are numerous website awards that recognize and appreciate talent. Several advertisement and design awards are also granted like Addy awards, Clio Awards, and D&AD awards. These awards inspire the web developer, web designer and many more who work behind the scenes for websites. Apart from the recognition, these website awards bring more traffic and credibility to the awarded website.

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