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If you use a smart phone or other mobile devices, you probably use apps. Mobile apps are software programs you can download and use directly with your phone or other mobile devices like a tablet or I phone.

The fact is that the mobile apps can be a lot of fun and downloading is easy; that you can have them with very little trouble. Due to advertising space and basic versions within these apps, most of them are free. The most popular applications are either downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store. The most popular apps can be categorized under two headings which are: free downloaded applications and paid downloaded applications.

FREE DOWNLOADED APPS: These applications are free because of the advertising space in the basic version to increase its popularity of in-app purchase within the app store. Some apps are often free to increase your interest in the company’s other products. Here are the latest top 5 free downloadable apps of Google Play and Apple App store.

Apple apps store:

a) Candy Crush Saga: Mix, switch and match!

Publisher: Limited

Release: 14 November 2012

Platform: Android, IOS, Facebook

Type: most addictive popular PUZZLE game app of Facebook

b) Fast & Furious 6:

Publisher: Kabam

Release: 15 May, 2013

Platform: android, I phone, ipad, Ios

Type: racing game most popular in Ios

c) Iron Man 3: The official game

Publisher: Gameloft

Release: 25 April 2013

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac others

Type: action packed endless runner game based on the famous movie Iron Man 3

d) You Tube:

Publisher: Google, Inc.

Release: 14 February 2005

Platform: Apple, I pod, I phone, android, window etc

Type: 3D video hosting site with adobe flash player

e) Angry birds’ friends:

Publisher: Rovio entertainments

Release: 2 may 2013

Platform: Ios, android

Type: revenge by aim and hits to greedy pigs to stole their eggs

Google Play:

a) ) Facebook:

Publisher: Facebook

Release: 4 February 2004

Platform: Ios, android, windows, iphone, apple, ipad etc

Type: social networking site

b) Whatsapp messenger

Publisher: Whatsapp.Inc.

Release: 2009

Platform: symbian (s60), Ios, android, windows, iphone, apple, ipad etc

Type: social networking site

c) Facebook messenger site

Publisher: Facebook

Release: august 2011

Platform: blackberry, windows, android, ios,

Type: instant messaging service

d) Skype: free IM and video calls

Publisher: Skype

Release: august 2013

Platform: OSX, symbian (s60), IOS, android, windows, iPhone, apple, iPad etc

Type: Voice over IP, instant messaging and voice conferencing

e) Candy Crush Saga


The top five paid applications of Apple app store are Whatsapp Messenger, Heads up!, Minecraft-pocket edition, Survival craft and Pou. Similarly, the top 5 of Google play does not have many changes: Swift key keyboard, titanium backup PRO key * route, Poweramp full version unlocker, Nova launcher prime and Minecraft- pocket edition. Line: free calls and messaging, Line wind runner and candy crush saga is famous for revenue generating applications in Google play.

If gaming is the strongest category of free downloading apps of Apple app store, then Google play is also leading in top paid applications with other categories. As seen above, gaming apps has prove to be the best free and paid downloadable apps among both. With the view of generating more income, more updated versions are also coming. So be updated and enjoy these apps!

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