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Think beyond with future trends!

Modern technology has promised flying cars, customizable houses, teleportation and so much more…the future is full of it. These things are no longer impossible, especially when futuristic tech experts are working day and night on powerful innovations and inventions. A few years back no one would have thought anything like “digital money” or many of the things we have now could exist. Scientists and tech experts are working hard to turn their sci-fi dreams into reality. Let us find out, what technical geniuses are really future trends

Embeddable Electronics:
Soon health lovers will be free from constant vigilance thanks to calorie counting wristbands and waist straps. Instead, a small chip embedded inside them will do the calorie counting for you! “This will help people to get better insight about their bodies, and thus scrutinize their health in ways that were never possible before,” – quotes Steve Brown (Intel futurist). The chip will also have the ability to report when a heart attack is imminent and alert emergency personnel.

Smart Cars:
Some people are quite lucky to own smart cars, like Batman and James Bond. Aren’t they? But, what if your car can read and predict your intentions and act accordingly? Completely awesome, right? You’ll be delighted to know that futurists are working on such “intent engines”. The new information technology is now going to develop much smarter cars, which can think and make conclusions. MyEnergy lifestyle is a Ford initiative project in which a smart grid is connected to the car and will automatically know when the rate of charges is lowest. This would effect a drastic influence on the insurance industry as well as taxi industry. The supercomputing driving era may come as soon as a decade.

No Touch Interconnections:
What will happen if we do not need to touch anything to do a particular job?
We have already been using feather touch and one-touch devices; now the futurists are working towards no touch interconnections. IR Proximity sensors are now being used to develop the no touch interfaces. The patterns of cloud computing are driving business towards the new era of no touch interconnections. This technology will help to decrease human physical efforts to zero.

Everyday Petite Usable Technology:
Have you ever thought of wearing a computer? Seems interesting! David Brian Johnson, the Intel futurist says that around the year 2025 computers will become so cheap, long lasting and so small that a person can wear it. These little computers will be embedded in things which we daily use. Our clothes, our machines and even our food will also be influenced in this upcoming supercomputing era.

Living Programming:
It is easy to program a computer to do something, but what about programming a living thing? The ability to encode specific operating instructions into a plant to make a definitive shape when it grows larger is just one example of programmable biology. With the help of this, the futurists are trying to make new programmable living and non-living elements.

New and customized visual technologies, security features and robots everywhere are now going to take care of our modern world, which will minimize human’s physical effort. Rather than working long hours, we can have more enjoyable and cerebral lives. The days are coming when the tech trend will become the latest global trend!

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