Express your feelings with – Flower Rose

Express your feelings with – Flower Rose

The rose has been highly prized from time immemorial. Flower rose has always stood for the symbol of love and passion. Roses are even used to worship gods but they are usually used to give to someone that is loved. Apart from all the unmatched fragrance and beauty it is also one of the most useful flowers when it comes to expressing feelings. It is often used in skin care products and even in some health care products. Moreover, even though they are raised on farms stretching hundreds of acres, anyone can grow these beautiful flowers in a home garden. The one bloom that catches everyone’s attention is the flower rose.

Beauty of Flower Roses
The rose has significance in history, too. It has always served as an inspiration to artists and to lovers. In the medieval ages it was seen in the hair of women and girls to accentuate their beauty. No other flower has managed to appeal so much to the fairer sex. Indeed, women are often compared to the petals of a rose—soft, fragrant, and enchantingly beautiful. Like a bee attracted to a bright blossom, most women gravitate toward the flower rose. Love and romance flourish with the help and support of the rose. It has been called the “ultimate token of love”.

What does the Rose color says?
The flower rose is available in hundreds of colors. These colors also hold an important significance and hidden meaning in them. Let us see what these colors say.

Red for Lovers
A red rose symbolizes love, respect and passion. Deep red color rose says “I Love You”

Pink for sweetness
The rose which has pink color communicates appreciation, happiness and friendship with grace.

Softly Lavender
These give the meaning of enchantment and love at first sight.

White for pureness
White rose is a sign of purity in all forms, innocence or charm.

Yellow for friends
In Victorian times yellow rose meant jealousy, but today it symbolizes “I care for you”.

Orange for happiness
Orange implies desire and are given to those with whom you spend happy times.

Blue for fantasy
Blue color roses are made through dying the flower. It is a sign of wonder and dreams.

Flower rose to increase beauty:
The beauty industry thrives on the flower rose. If you want to have glowing skin you should use rose water to bathe it. In the distant past the members of royalty, especially queens, used to take rose water baths and sleep on rose petals. Thus, roses signify luxury today. This is one of the reasons that roses are the most popular flower in the Western World.

Roses make us to fall in love over again and this is the reason that we usually give this flower to our beloved ones. A rose bouquet is considered the perfect gift for anyone at any time. A number of roses arranged together are the ultimate in beauty and fragrance, enticing the senses. Their aroma can win the heart of anyone you love! Wait no longer–hold the flower rose and express your feelings to your beloved.

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