Essential iPhone Apps

Adding Ease to Lifestyle: Essential iPhone Apps

iPhone users have access to a plethora of interactive and useful applications. But, when it comes to choosing the right application, the task turns tricky. Nowadays, choosing right app is like finding needle in the hay stack. Of course it is hard, but not at all impossible. To help you find out the right apps, I have jot down the outcome of my research and study on useful iPhone applications. Hope they help you to enjoy advanced and better performance.

Stuck in traffic? No problem! Waze is here to help. Waze is a free application that offers you access to current gas prices and real-time traffic information in a single stroke. If you can’t keep any eye on the screen, use voice navigation system to beat the traffic. It automatically updates the routes offering you hassle free performance. Apart from that, you can also add your friends on the live map and enjoy the power of connectivity.

Around Me
No matter where you are, with Around Me you’ll always have access to the best local stuff. You can not only figure out your current location, but also the most interesting places near you. Banks, bars, restaurants, petrol stations and hotels, everything will be as close as your imaginations. When “Around me” is with you, you would never ever need a guide.

BBC News App
Stay updated with latest news of the days and every minute happenings. BBC news offers you quick access to top news and breaking stories with zoom-able text and playable videos. Download this free app now and stay connected to the whole world.

Camera Awesome
Empower and add finesse to your photographs and photography skills with camera awesome. This awesome tool is packed with lots of composition options, filters and useful adjustments. All you have to do is, click a picture, enhance its beauty and show off.

BBC iPlayer Radio
BBC Radio has launched its very own and latest music app called iPlayer Radio app. If you want to shout, dance and fill air with throbbing music, then BBC is just the app you need. The application comes with an alarm option, an EPG, BBC podcast integration, alerts for upcoming shows, and AirPlay.

Plenty of apps offer facility of transferring content between your device and computer, but Dropbox is little different from all. It is very interactive and easier to use than its contemporaries. Just dump files that you want to add in a computer’s folder and Dropbox running in your device will help you to download them, access them for offline viewing.

Youtube app offers access to wide range of videos, movies and songs for free. This is one of the most popular, most downloaded and most visited app. Uploading videos and comments are as easy as downloading this powerful application. In fact, when it comes to entertainment, this app is truly unbeatable.

The best part about all the above mentioned apps is that they come absolutely free of cost. Most of the time money stands as the prime issue, but not with these apps. So, what are you waiting for? Download them today and enjoy top notch and outstanding technology.

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