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Looking for Best Cracked iPhone Apps? Read This…

Are you looking for cracked iPhone apps? If yes, then you have landed the right page. After a deep research on popular cracked iPhone apps, we have come up with a few that can turn your iPhone into a super gadget and make your friends go green with envy. These apps are not just great with interface but also stuffed with amazing features. So, without making you wait another second, here they are:

Winterboard is an impressive iPhone themes app. This little application was created by Jay Freeman aka Saurik, the creator of Cydia. There are many things that makes this app extremely versatile and striking. This little app doesn’t just change the icon color or the background, it offers the capability to change almost everything. You get a big bag of new layouts and thousands of themes to try. Moreover, every theme that comes with this app are modular, which means you can mix and match the parts of different themes and create a completely new theme.

Music Controls
Wish to turn your iPhone into a grand music system? Give music controls app a try. This incredible application adds system integration into music applications and offers a whole pack of ways to organize music. The pack includes lockscreen controls, via popup controls, headset controls, lockscreen swipe gestures and status bar controls. Best of all, this app is fast, small and offers great functionality that iPhone must possess from the very first launch. The app works beautifully without using tons of system resources.

When it comes to the fastest quick settings app, SBSettings is unbeatable. You can effortlessly kill processes that are slowing down the system. With just a tap of your finger, you can turn on and off your Wi-Fi and 3G. It saves your time and you do not have to go through all the settings pages. Almost every useful and required setting can be found in one page. The wifi and 3G on/off feature of this app is certainly the most useful feature, because flicking them frequently can take a lot of time.

This app is specifically designed for 2 things— opening camera as quick as possible and clicking beautiful photos. A single tap on the app icon will launch the application, but since Snappy comes bundled with Activator, you can activate the snappy app while you’re busy with another app. iPhone users can take a video or picture and return to the previous app in seconds. With snappy, you won’t ever miss your Kodak moment.

Safari Download Manager
Now enjoy fast and easy downloading while browsing in Safari. Not just that, you can put multiple files on downloading. Once Safari Download Manager is installed, Downloads will no more be a problem. Just click little app and start downloading. This app runs in the background, which means you can manage and check your download progress anytime. Apart from all the key features, Safari download manager is easy to manage and come with decent interface.

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