Android Manager Wi-Fi

Android Manager Wi-Fi : Ease Redefined

With the hottest applications waiting to get downloaded, the popularity of Android gadgets gets propelled to new heights every day. Almost every other day, a new, shiny and stunning piece of android technology is launched; and, with lots of features to flaunt comes the expected problem of synchronizing and managing the content. But, no more! Android Manager Wi-Fi is here to serve all your needs.

Before you start scribbling to explore its features, allow us to throw some light on its brightest part. So, let’s begin.

What Exactly Android Manager Wifi Is?
If all-in-one utility is what you need for your android mobile, Android Manager Wifi is just what you need. This is a great program that helps you to manage your contacts, music, SMS messages, applications, photos, and other files. It is a wireless Windows-only android management tool that allows easy file syncing, application management and file browsing.

What to Expect?
First and best of all, this program comes for free. No need to spend a penny. You can connect your Windows PC to Android phone either with or without USB cable. Its swift WiFi connectivity offers quick sync to windows PC. Sync your messages, contacts, photos, much, videos and much more in no time with Android Manager WiFi. Along with syncing, this program avails high level of interactivity.

You can not only enjoy the benefit of quick and smooth browsing, but also import your goodies from Windows client. No more mobile peeping to view your messages, now carry out your work, browse your received messages and reply them at the same time from the same PC. As easy and as simple as that! This means you can stay connected with your friends and family without dodging your work.

The program can also create backups of the videos, music and photos files from the computer. You don’t have to shed a drop of sweat as this automatically synchronizes the calendar entries, camera, camcorder folders and files and contact list.

Key Features of Android Manager Wifi
Android Manager WiFi is fun to handle. You can always stay assured that the data of your phone isn’t completely lost. If any technical problem arises or the phone goes missing, you’ll always have your stuff safe. This simple to use application is easy to install and customize.

This application creates a back up of your contact entries and keeps you free from worries like losing, breaking, changing service providers, switching phone. Easily import photos from your handset or PC and enjoy better management. Plus, you can quickly upload any photo and use it as wallpaper or edit to add new spark to it.

Videos and videos can be speedily downloaded for playback. The program offers a powerful and seamlessly working media file management tool. You can quickly search for favorites in PC and manage the ultimate music library. Import downloaded mobile applications in seconds and get them installed in a blink. With Android Manager Wifi, you can organize all the files in just few clicks.

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